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Selene’s Fly Shop Aquarium is Officially Open!

We have been having a blast with our new stream aquarium stocked with local macroinvertebrate life!   While maybe not the same quality as the Boston Aquarium, we are much more convenient and affordable!  We’ve hooked up the digital microscope and can see some of these critters in great detail.  Check out some of these screenshots!  

When have you ever been able to see a midge larva in this kind of detail?   Of course, all this detail is critically important to imitate when you tie an imitation!   And we have all the materials you’ll need! 

Blue winged olive!  It’s nice to be able to see them up close and see how they actually behave in the water.   We’ve also seen some March Brown nymphs in the tank as well.  

Going more obscure (but I like this picture) we have a Hydra!   Basically a fresh water sea anemone they capture microscopic prey with their stinging arms and gobble them up.   Absolutely no relevance to trout, but they are cool nevertheless.  

Stop by and check out the tank.   You never know what you might find in there!


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