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Local Fly Tyers Announced

A New Page has been added to the website that profiles the fly tyers that sell to the shop. This symbiotic relationship of sorts is a crucial one to the vitality of the fly fishing Community. Check out the new tab “Fly Tyers” at the top of the page to see, Roberts Fly Shack Flies, Mr. Ed’s Flies, Nome Starks; Predators on the Fly, Captain Dirt’s Hollow Flies, Ray Minchak’s Flatwing Deceiver’s, or a lot of flies by John Wight. If you are interested in finding out how you can be added to this list, just contact Selene and we can talk flies.

While some fly shops thrive on selling cheap overseas tied flies, our Maine mojo is to pay more wholesale to Maine tyers for quality local patterns that are known to work well on home waters. Keeping the traditions of Maine outdoors alive is a cornerstone to our philosophy. so historical patterns such as the Black Ghost, Wood Special and the like are important flies to carry and we want them to be tied by Maine fly tyers.

To do this we pay our tyers a higher rate than overseas tyers and we give them a discount on all fly tying materials, tools, vises and hooks whether they are tying for our shop or another. This creates a symbiotic relationship and builds community in Maine angling. Selene’s Fly Shop is a cornerstone of that community. See you on the stream or at the tying bench.

Selene of Maine




Selene of Maine



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