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Fly Tyers @ Selene’s Fly shop

Check out our featured fly tyers from the great state of Maine that provide flies for the shop and for custom orders.

Robert’s Fly Shack is custom tied fishing flies from Brunswick Maine

Austen Schutte

28. Maine born and raised.  I started my journey with fly tying in December of 2022, practiced before December but seriously got into fly tying then. 

Along with fly tying and fishing, I enjoy playing the banjo, collect minerals & marbles, hiking around Maine, and play disc golf. I love the state of Maine it’s rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds while connecting with the surrounding communities. 

I hope my flies make it into your boxes and catches you many fish! Good luck and happy fishing!!

Mr. Ed’s Flies

Ed Demont of Brunswick, Maine is one of the shop’s streamer tyers. His flies are always stock.

Nome StarkS- Predators on the Fly

Flies are in stock


Ray Minchak

Saltwater Tyer specializing in Flatwing Deceivers and

board member of MMBTU

John Wight

All around tyer from Bethel, Maine

Flies due by 3/19/23

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