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  • “Family Dollar” is a Fly Shop; uh, no.

    Selene of Maine 7/26/23 Our logical head says there will be fly shops near the most well fished waters that anglers fish. These are often called “destination” shops. They have well worn wood floors with stud marks from the waders of anglers that frequented the shop over the years. Or of newbie’s that want to…

  • Baetis good BWO Fishing! 

    Why?  Cuz they are hatching! Not only is it that time of year, but I’ve been seeing them in the water samples I’ve been getting. This first picture shows a dun that actually hatched in my sampling tray.   It is a nice picture because you can see both a dun, and in the upper left…

  • Local Fly Tyers Announced

    A New Page has been added to the website that profiles the fly tyers that sell to the shop. This symbiotic relationship of sorts is a crucial one to the vitality of the fly fishing Community. Check out the new tab “Fly Tyers” at the top of the page to see, Roberts Fly Shack Flies,…

  • Wicked Good Website LIve Now!

    Wicked Good Website LIve Now!

    Selene’s Fly Shop is a local fly shop that believes in keeping the traditions of Maine outdoors’ alive. We strive to carry forth responsible, sustainable practices to leave the outdoors and the sport to future generations. See you on the stream or in the shop at 218 Water St. Gardiner, Maine. Selene of Maine


    I took advantage of the drying time with many blowers in the shop to build a website! You are reading the Fly Paper now. I hope you will be stuck to this newsprint for the time being and enjoy your stay here too. Unlike the real stuff that traps that pesky house flies that are…

  • Fly Paper

    It’s our blog about everything from latest flies that Selene is tying, insects Eric is talking about on ANGLERS ENTOMOLOGY PODCAST, or general musings on things relevant to those that dream of what keep us sane …..To be one with the flow around our waders, watching our line drift with the fly…until….Ah,YES!

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