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Selene of Maine

Fly Tyer & Shop owner

Selene of Maine, born the year Carrie Stevens died, is an accomplished fly tyer dedicated to practicing traditional methods of fly tying, as well as originating new patterns to closely replicate the naturals found on her home waters of Maine. She won the North East Fly Tying Competition at the World Fly Fishing Expo in Wilmington, Massachusetts in 1998. The distinguished judges for that competition were Lefty Kreh and Dave Whitlock. She is a registered Maine guide. An article in Fly Tyer Magazine; Winter issue 2003, features Selene in the Tyer Profile section. Nine of her flies are also featured in Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide, by David Klausmeyer. Selene was a featured fly tyer at the American Museum of Fly Fishing, Manchester Vermont as part of the; “A Graceful Rise” exhibit that featured influential women to the world of fly fishing of the past, present, and future. The latest book she is in features two patterns of hers in Favorite Flies of Maine by Bob Mallard.

At present she lives near Gardiner, Maine and owns the fly shop with her husband Eric. Their children ran off into adulthood the fall of 2023 so the fly shop was born again in downtown Gardiner at the confluence of the Kennebec River and Cobbosseecontee Stream where fish abound at the Waterfront Park just a block from the shop.

If you would like to know more about Selene, she has a more detailed website regarding her passion for flies from the past and her many commissioned works. Check it out here.

Eric Frohmberg

Shop entomologist

For years in my youth I studied entomology – the study of insects. I fully intended to become a taxonomist studying the group of moths known as Geometridae – you know them as inchworms.  But twists and turns of life resulted in my professional life taking a turn towards environmental toxicology (another fascinating field) where I make my bread and butter. 

I have fished most of my adult life, but honestly, while I knew entomology was important to fishing, I really didn’t put the effort into linking my entomological past to my fishing.  Sure, I probably knew more than the average turnip – I could recognize insects by sight when I would see them on the stream, but I did not think about them systematically as they relate to fishing.

So, for various reasons my wife (Selene) encouraged me to produce this podcast. As this developed it became clear a blog would be useful as well – some place to show some pictures of these critters we talk about and show the techniques we use to study them. 

Episode 50: Bibios Angler's Entomology Podcast

Bibios, Heather Flies, Hawthorn Flies, Blossom Flies, Love Bugs – you name it.   An interesting critter that .. for some reason seems more popular in Europe rather than the US.  Whazzup with that? 
  1. Episode 50: Bibios
  2. Episode 49? Quill Gordon
  3. Episode 47: Butterflies and Moths
  4. Episode 46: Blue Winged Olives
  5. Episode 45: Garden Hackle and San Juan Worms

Rating: 5 out of 5.

dedbird0, 04/14/2019

Incredible podcast

I have been studying stream insects for over fourth years as an amateur .. been tying flies for same . I grew up in New York on Long Island and fished upstate . My first book bought back in the early 1970s was flicks guide… I think now I own pretty much all the books and studies in existence now since then. My point is that this podcast is incredible. I love the history of the ties and all the information on our “bugs”. I also appreciate the Latin and the pronunciation so now I can speak without sounding like the village idiot. I am very sorry I am going to miss your discussions this week at our sebago t u meeting as I will be away. This podcast puts all my learnings and readings garnered over fifty years plus into a concise encyclopedia easily accessible to all anglers. I listen to it tying cooking and driving. Each episode can be accessed and one will learn something new each time. This Maine guide appreciates all you have done. Caps off to you!!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Twistingly Fun, 03/12/2021

Tight Lines!

Love the pod! Learn so much – the latest ver interesting – worms! I was bummed to hear talk of a time down stream when it may float away – but will enjoy it as long as you keep your line in the water!

Apple Podcasts Review

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